What Do You Do If You Miss Your Flight?

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Planning your vacation may be so engaging that you lose track of certain details such as your travel time or date. Jumia Travel wants you to enjoy stress-free travel, so we’ve come up with a guideline on what to do if you miss your flight!

Most of us can’t control everything that happens in life, from unforeseen traffic to road accidents, health or family emergencies that just come out of the blue and a long list of things to factor in before you board. We have come up with tips, advice and some information to clear any grey area on what happens when you miss your flight.

Firstly, let’s answer some of the most FAQs regarding missing your flight.

Can you get a refund if you miss your flight?

The short answer to this is, No. Passengers are not automatically refunded for missing their flight as it is their duty to board on time. The implication, to the airline, of missing your flight is that your seat would have been empty; giving a refund would mean a loss of revenue by the airline. A loss they would not want to take responsibility for.

Can Travel Insurance Help with Missed Flight?

The short answer to this is Yes and No. In certain unavoidable cases, travel insurance can save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. Consider Jumia Travel’s travel insurance, which covers everything when abroad, including airline delays, missed flight connections, visa denial, baggage loss, and even damage to your home. Jumia Travel has a great medical aid protection plan, which ensures you the full refund of your flight ticket, should you miss your flight due to unforeseen death, illness or hospitalization of yourself or family member.

Please note that these travel insurance packages do NOT cover missed flights due to heavy traffic, forgotten documents or anything else that could have been humanly avoided, so always plan ahead and be prepared!

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What To Do When You Miss Your Flight

  • Find your airline’s representative and ask about the airline’s policy on missed flights – some airlines may only charge a rebooking fee while others may ask you to pay in the difference between the new and old flight, which can work out expensive. It is NOT standard practice for an airline to waiver excess charges, so don’t expect a free pass.
  • Check for the next available flight with the same airline and ask to be put on the standby list – often during peak travel season, there are many flights to the same destinations and with your name on the list, it may just be an hour or two before you’re on your way again. If the airline cannot offer you an alternative flight at an equal or cheaper price, do a quick search and compare flights on Jumia Travel.
  • We know this situation can be incredibly stressful, but always try to remain calm and communicate politely with airline staff. Clearly explain your situation and they will do their best to assist you.
  • Stay at the airport – it’s always a good idea to stick around at the airport as you await your next flight. If the waiting time is less than 5 hours, it is recommended to stay in the vicinity to avoid any further delays on your behalf.

Top Tips For Not Ever Missing Your Flight

  • Study the flight timing and check your emails regularly: Most of the time, the time, as written on tickets, is always in 24hours format (not AM or PM). Many passengers have missed their flights because they thought 04:30 was 4:30 pm. Also, check your emails regularly for updates on flight schedule.
  • Always Cross-reference: If you book your flight on Jumia Travel (which will always be cheaper), cross-check the information on the ticket with what you have on the airline’s website. This will allow you to make any corrections (where necessary) early enough to avoid last-minute regrets and delays at the airport.
  • Check-in Online: If you are traveling light (with just hand luggage) you can cut off the long queues at the airport and proceed straight to the boarding gate. This gives you an additional 1hour or so to play around with. However, ensure you get to the boarding gate early and not too close to departure time as the boarding gate may close too.
  • Call the airline: If there is an extreme emergency that will allow you get there late or not at all, call the airline. They will advise you on the best possible steps to take, they can sell your seat to a standby passenger and may give offer you the best deal on your reschedule (as you will be seen in good light)

Extra Tip: If you are an extremely busy individual, you can sign up for our VIP concierge service. This offers you rest of mind as we’ll take care of your travel needs from planning to the actual trip in a seamless manner. You’ll never have to worry about missing your flight again.

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