You Can Get Kicked Out Of A Hotel If You Do Any Of These Things

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It may be surprising to read or learn about but yes you can, as a guest, get thrown out of your hotel room if you do certain things or conduct yourself in a certain manner. When using the services of a hotel, both parties (hotel and guests) have responsibilities and an obligation towards each other. You may, as a guest, decide to sue or seek compensation if the hotel fails in any of the obligations. In the same light, the hotel may also eject you without prior notice, have you arrested or sue you depending on the gravity of the offense.

It does not matter whether you get a deal on Jumia Travel or you book directly from the hotel(which may be more expensive). There are certain things you must never do in a hotel and doing them could cost you your reservation, dignity or even money. Many of these infractions are enforced more in hotels abroad when on a business trip or vacation. Jumia Travel will take you through some of them.

Things you should never do in a hotel

  • Cooking anything without/outside a proper kitchen area: Some guests will bring their portable cooking appliances with them during their stay, and this can cause a few problems, primarily if the hotel room doesn’t have any kitchenette area. These cooking appliances can set off a hotel’s fire alarm system or cause an actual fire.
  • Covering up the smoke alarms: Many guests do this for 2 reasons. To smoke cigarette or weed and to cook. If your hotel finds out you are doing any of the these without approval. You could be ejected or arrested.
  • Sending sensitive information over hotel Wi-Fi: If you’re caught exchanging incriminating information via the hotel’s Wi-Fi (such as internet scam, terrorism, fake news, you could be arrested and handed over to the police.
  • Sneaking in Pets: You should always get the hotel’s approval before doing this. If the hotel says NO, don’t try to play a fast one. The hotel may find you out and have you ejected. Some hotels would hold you responsible for any damage or mess the pets make.
  • Same-sex check-in: It would be a good idea to check with the hotel if they are okay with two adults of the same sex checking in. Some hotels frown against 2 men or 2 women sleeping in the same room.
  • Getting Vulgar or physical with co-guests or hotel staff: You do not want to scream at or physically attack a staff or a co-guest in the hotel. If there is an issue or a service failure, find a way to resolve with getting abusive or physical.
  • Excessive noise or disturbance: A hotel should be a place of relaxation and rest. It’s always wise to get prior approval from the hotel before throwing a party or playing a loud music/TV or having excited guests over. Usually, when this happens, the hotel management will make some attempts to warn you to stop before taking a decision to throw you out.

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