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Order food online for home delivery anywhere in Abuja, the great capital of Nigeria!

Ever wondered  exploring food delivery services from your favourite restaurants in Abuja? Built during the eighties, Abuja is located in the right middle of Nigeria was chosen to become the capital, replacing Lagos in 1991. With this central location, Nigerian government wanted to ensure neutrality and national unity. Even if Lagos stays the commercial and cultural capital as well as more attractive than Abuja, the Nigeria's capital is well-known as the wealthiest and most expansive city of the country. Despite the fact that the city is new, there are though some curiosities to see and to visit. The first and the biggest : Zuma Rock, a large monolith. Representative of the capital’s religious neutrality, it worth to take some time for the National Mosque and the National Church of Nigeria. And if dinning from restaurants is your thing, you might want to check out the following top restaurants in Abuja:

  • Johnny Rockets -  for your American burgers, salads, Sandwiches and other international dishes
  • Da Chimney Restaurant - for your all your African and Indian delicious dishes
  • Sawadee Oriental Cuisine - the right place to go if you want to have all the Asian cuisines (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.)
  • Pizzarama Restaurant - as the name indicates, this is the right place to order all your pizza options
  • Diznos - for all your yummy Nigerian Dishes

How does it feel to order food online from top restaurants in Abuja?

Abuja is a city where you can enjoy some tasty food. If you want to eat a delicious jollof rice with peppered beef and plantain or pounded yam / amala with mouthwatering soups, you will have a great choice of restaurants in Abuja. From home or from office, check it out on Jumia Food, easy and convenient, you will have a look on all dishes you can order online in Abuja.

Let's say you've had a busy day working in Abuja, you arrive home and don't want to cook a meal or go out to a restaurant. Instead, you simply want to lounge on the sofa with a favourite TV show or movie, this is where food delivery in Abuja is a great option for all those who are hoping to make the most of the many high quality restaurants in Abuja. Using the Jumia Food service makes it easy to look through the available food delivery in Abuja options and make sure the best option for you is ordered in as little time as possible. Whether it is the Shawarma options of the Royale Express or the different dishes available from The Asian Kitchen, a few clicks of the mouse sees a great meal arriving at your door in little to no time.

Jumia Food introduces mobile app to make food delivery easier in Abuja

Jumia Food makes it easy to order your food from almost any location, which is made simple and easy by the ordering options available from restaurants in Abuja via smartphones or tablets. More than 200 restaurants have been chosen specifically to be found on Jumia Food to provide the best available menu options and dishes that can be ordered from the comfort of your home or anybody else's. Trying new foods is always simple with the many choices for food delivery in Abuja. In just few seconds you can download Jumia Food's app and start enjoying your hassle-free food ordering.