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Restaurants in Yaba, Lagos provide many different menu options

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Choosing to order food in Yaba is something that most people look to do at some point, but are often left with a wide range of choices to decide between. From the burgers and fried chicken at Chicken Republic to many other restaurants in Yaba offering the best in Traditional African Foods, pizza, Shawarma and sweet treats there is something for everybody to enjoy. The range of options in Yaba is growing all the time and includes the chance to explore foods from around the world and those that have their home in Nigeria. One of the most popular street dishes in Nigeria, shawarma can now be found in almost every restaurant and fast food chain in the country as this spicy meat dish only grows in popularity.

Choose between different restaurants in Yaba

  • Chicken Republic brings together some of the top fast foods from around the world.
  • The Lovestruck Company creates cakes and pastries for customers to enjoy for everyday and special occasions.
  • Majesty Chinese brings Asian flavours to the streets of Yaba
  • Kents Shawarma Plus brings the most popular street dish in Nigeria to everybody with a range of shawarma options.

Food delivery in Yaba is easy to find

Restaurants in Yaba are more impressive than ever before and offer increasing numbers of options for those who are seeking the best in the many different types of foods offered. Many traditional African and Nigerian dishes are available that make it simpler than ever before to get the option you want for a meal instead of settling for whichever menu has arrived in the mail. Everybody can choose between the many different restaurants in Yaba offering menu options that can be enjoyed in the comfort of the customers own home after being picked up or delivered following an order from the Jumia Food app.