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Order sandwiches delivery from your favourite Lagos restaurant

When you are residing or working in Lagos, one of the good things going for you is the diverse culinary options available to you. From fast food to full course meals featuring authentic country specific food, there is much to look forward to. However, when you are very hungry, and you are not in the mood for either fast food or an elaborate sit-down dinner, you might like to order sandwiches online. There are dozens of restaurants in Lagos that offer convenient sandwich delivery, so that your work or leisure activities are not disrupted by your search for a meal.

Sandwiches delivery for the health conscious

Sandwiches are tasty, healthy, and easy to eat - plenty of reasons for you to order them. The Bungalow Restaurant is noted for its classy ambience, and also, for its range of healthy food items, starting from salads and moving to burgers and pizzas. The sandwiches contain fillings ranging from chicken avocado, to tuna sandwich for light eaters. If you like to order something more substantial, subway sandwiches and club sandwiches would be a fabulous idea. Like many restaurants in the city, the Bungalow also features other types of food, such as pasta, burger, and pizza, in addition to hot dogs and dessert, so when you order sandwiches online you might also like to order these foods to keep the hunger pangs away through the course of the day.

Sandwiches delivery through sandwich bars and cafes

Lagos is also replete with sandwich bars and cafes that offer all kinds of sandwiches. The Bottles Bar & Grill specialises in Mexican food, and their sandwiches and burgers accordingly have a fiery, peppery zing to them. The Cafe de Viande on the other hand, specialises only in sandwiches, and here you can order a combo meal containing a chicken sandwich with garnishing of tomatoes, lettuce, served with a side of fries and potato wedges.