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Order Food Online from Top Restaurants in Port Harcourt!

When you have had a hard day at work or are having a relaxing day at home the chance to order food Online in PH can make a good or bad day a little brighter. Jumia Food can make it easy for you to find the best available options for local foods like Shawarma in Port Harcourt or International Cuisine choices, such as Pizza in Port Harcourt or a burger in ph delivered directly to your door with just a few clicks of the mouse. With so many high quality food options and restaurants in Port Harcourt, choosing from there should always be a meal to suit any and all tastes. Food delivery in Port Harcourt can be a great way of saving time and having the meal of your choice delivered directly to you using the simple to use options that avoid all the problems of misunderstood orders at.

Discover Top Cuisines on Jumia Food in Port Harcourt

No matter what kind of food you crave for, let jumia food show you the many menu options and make ordering simple via our Online platform. There are many different food delivery options in Port Harcourt to choose from, including the classic Nigerian dishes of salads, port harcourt soups and the always popular port harcourt bole based meals that almost everybody loves. However, if you are on the way home from work or school and want to get meals in Port harcourt in the most convenient way, just browse the many food menus in PH and expect a meal with more of an international feel. why not look through the many restaurants providing food delivery in Port Harcourt that specialize in pizza or Asian inspired noodle dishes.

Top restaurants in Port Harcourt

With Jumia Food, you can find your top favourite restaurants delivering to your location in PH:

  • Genesis: Delivers to Ada George, Rumogba, Agip Junction, Trans Amadi
  • Jevinik: Delivers to GRA PH1, Trans Amadi, Diodu, 1st Artillery, 2nd Artillery
  • Kode9: Delivers to Mummy B Road, Garrison, Olu Obasanjo way
  • Asia Town: Delivers to Old GRA, Eastern Bypass, Woji, D Line
  • Casablanca: Delivers to GRA PH3, Diobu, Elekahia, Water line

Enjoying a takeaway meal is always a good option for throwing a party or just for nights when you dont feel like cooking. Download the Jumia Food app and taking advantage of a simple way of ordering food without the problems of explaining what you want over the phone, or carrying food by yourself through port harcourt city. When you order food Online in PH you should always think of Jumia Food for the most menus and get super special discounts.