Order a nice Shawarma for your lunch today via Jumia Food!

African dishes have a lot to offer, from soups and starters to full course African meal with meat, fowl, and vegetables. African food has evolved over the centuries, reflecting influences from various places around the world. The typical African menu will include food that also combines the best of European and Asian foods, and moulds it to suit local tastes. If you are planning to get food delivered from your favourite African restaurant, you can do so by using Jumia Food. Through this website you will be able to choose African food of your choice, find out if the item carries discounts, and have the meal delivered to your doorstep in few minutes.

Salads, soups, and starters for those who love African food

Whether you are looking for the right start to a full course African food, or you are planning to eat light, these African dishes will help you fulfill your requirements. Through Jumia Food you will be able to locate an African restaurant that offers fruit salad, vegetable salad, or chicken salad. To keep the meal light while sating your hunger you can order bread loaf, milk bread, butter bread, or tuna bread to go with your salad or soup. For those who would love soups, there are many options ranging from Oha soup, to Banga soup, Efo soup, White soup, Okro soup and obviously pepper soup. When next you're in town, don't fail to check Terra Kulture, Ofada hut, Sweet Sensation, etc. for your yummy African dishes.

African dishes for full course meals

Preparations such as shaki and goat meat are popular, as are fish such as catfish and dry fish. You can choose other items from the African menu, such as range of shawarma, from chicken to mixed meat. Some people might want to combine these traditional African food items with Continent orienting foods such as Jollof rice, coconut rice, rice with beans, prawn or fish rice and grilled fish. Additionally, these African dishes can be enjoyed with chicken curry, fried plantain, yam preparations. Order an African food with Jumia Food today and enjoy a wonderful dinning experience!

Snacking options

Just for days you don't feel like going for African food, you can find several African restaurants such as Magrellos Fast Food Eatery, Healthy Bites, Bukka Hut and so many more that deliver some tasty snack options. These “anytime foods” are light but filling, and they can be consumed conveniently, whether you are outdoors, travelling, or at work. Spring roll, chicken roll, burgers, meat pie, - the options are many. You can finish your meal with a fruit cake or fondant ordered from a conveniently located restaurant, if you use the Jumia Food service. Many restaurants also offer breakfast options. So if you don't feel like cooking African dishes early in the morning, simply order a grilled sausage, chicken and chips, omelette or boiled yam through your choice restaurants featured on Jumia Food. If your plan is to try something a bit different from African food, check out our pizza places or burger restaurants, our salad places are also specially selected to suit your everyday taste.