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Order a nice shawarma for your lunch today via Hellofood !

Have you ever tried this oriental delicacy? You will be amazed by the crunchiness and the tastiness of this dish, perfect for a nice lunch at the office or as a late snack. You can order this sandwich And many others thanks to our website and the Hellofood Nigeria app . Why not try it right away? All you need to do is to click on the one you want and confirm your command. Either you get shawarma in Lagos or are looking to get meal delivery in Abuja Or buy some take away in Port Harcourt , we are here for you with all those options whichever your city is. You can sit down and relax for some instants before your order gets to you in the fastest way possible.

An amazing recipe from around the Mediterranean Sea.

The main actor of this dish is the meat! Marinated lamb, veal, chicken, turkey or a mixed meat preparation is put onto a spit and slowly cooked over fire for a long period going sometimes up to a whole day. The result is a tasty, crispy and smoky meat cut into shavings. This main ingredient is put inside of Arabic bread such as a pita with fresh vegetable and sauces. The result is a perfect solution to the hungry that will satisfy you for sure. For those who are into something more common do not hesitate to check our Nigeria food restaurant’s menu and order a freshly made jollof rice from the best places in Nigeria such as Chicken republic , Bukka hut or The Hut . You will get a plate of what will seem like better than you mother’s cooking and once the lunch gone, you will be ready and full of strength to go on with the end of your day.

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