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While Asian food is an umbrella term for different cooking styles in various countries across the continent, each dish is unique in its use of delicious ingredients, spices and herbs. Do you enjoy the smell of spicy curries or the enticing taste of roasted fish, clear soups or crunchy salads? Then it’s time to order some of these Asian dishes online. Jumia food delivers fresh and delicious Asian meals right at your doorstep, whether it’s at your home or your office. With a few clicks on your desktop or swipes on the mobile phone, you can experience the varied flavors and delectable food.

Are you craving for some spicy Indian meal? The Tava Prawn and Lamb Vindaloo from Lagos very own’ Indigo Bar & Restaurant should do the trick. For some crunchy Fattoush and Cheese Rikakat, nothing beats Purple Restaurant - Pick up. You can also try some Thai and seafood while you’re there and don’t forget to add the delicate Tirasimu for a complete and satisfying meal. Whether it’s the Chicken Sizzler in Lagos, or the Tom Yam Fish in Abuja, there are ample Asian food options to suit every palette.

With Jumia food, you can discover popular and new Asian restaurants serving an amazing range of cuisines from Chinese, Thai and Japanese to Lebanese and Indian.

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If you live in Lagos , check online the menu from one of the best restaurants in town: Bonzai . Why not order some sushi’s this week end? Try out their Unagi, tako , shake, tai, kani , blue marlin or ebi sushi among many others. Our have a delicious plate of soba or udon noodles! The most popular Japanese dishes are waiting for you. Is it as easy as it gets, order via our website or app from wherever you are and get delivered at home for lunch or dinner. We will easily provide you with the best of the Chinese cuisine in Lagos. Get for yourself an amazing portion of their beef in green pepper or some stir fried beef with chili and basil but also some beef in oyster sauce. Order their Chicken in green curry or red curry and share a delicious meal with your friends!