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Order your Cakes via Jumia Food!

Just like shawarma , pizza and Kebab, cakes are often not prepared at home in this part of the world. As Nigerians, we can cook virtually everything but when it comes to baking, we often rely on professional caterers who have better expertise, equipment or experience. Whether it’s made at home or gotten from the nearby caterer, cakes & pastries are widely consumed by Nigerians. Served for breakfast, included in kids’ lunch boxes, eaten in between major meals, this quick, convenient, yet delicious food has become an easy option for the common man. Need we mention how important cakes have become during celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and other sort of milestone celebrations? Cutting of birthday cakes and wedding cakes has become a ritual no one would want to ignore.

Jumia food makes cakes' delivery easier!

At Jumia food, we run the errand for you while you efficiently utilize your time to manage other vital things. Have you just come home tired and thinking how about some cake and a soft drink? Did your team just meet that target you longed for and you’re wondering surprising everyone with a cake? Do you want to send a special cake to your kid at school while you’re still busy at work or do you want to surprise a relative in another city with a birthday cake? You don’t need to worry anymore, Jumia food will take care of all that for you. All you need to do is visit Jumia Food, select your city, click on cakes & pastries and complete your order; it takes just few minutes before you start enjoying your delicious cake. There are so many cake places for each of our location; for specific options, you can visit Jevinik Restaurant , Fifi’s Oven, Mama Cass, Nuts about cakes, Happy Cupcake Promotion and so many more.