Jumia Food is closed at the moment. You can still preorder from available restaurants.

Get Amazing Meals with Jumia Food Business Deals

Are you planning to host a meeting in a restaurant? That’s great, but think about the cost of having to cater for everyone who comes to the meeting, and also the cost of transporting them. Also think of how much you would pay for the time and the services of using a wonderful restaurant for such. Why spend all that when you can just order on Jumia Food? With Jumia Food, you can get the same amount of food to feed everyone rather than taking everyone to the restaurant. With the restaurants provided on our Jumia Food business deals page, you do not have to worry about catering for everyone because we have got you covered.

Order Business Lunches on Jumia Food in Just a Few Clicks!

Now with Jumia Food, you can get the best service; fast delivery, hot meals and flawless customer service. Order your office lunch and even more. If you would prefer fancy cuisines like Mexican, Thai or Japanese, we have got you covered. If you want to go with pizzas or pastries, all you need to do is order. Fill in the address of your office and your food would be delivered in time for your meetings or that office party.