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Jumia Food helps you travel through the old continent ordering Europe's best cuisines.

Also known as Western cuisine, Continental cuisine refers to the cuisines of Europe and more widely to all occidental types of cuisines in opposition to the Asian cuisine that can be ordered on jumia food. Although diversity is the key here, some ingredients and cooking techniques are common ground. For example, meat holds an important place and is the center point of the cuisine. Dairy products are very used and condiments and seasoning have a chosen place. France, Germany, Italy, and many other countries are represented under the term. World renowned dishes are found in it. Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, Austrian Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce, Czech Vepřo-knedlo-zelo , German Sauerbraten with potato dumplings , German Black Forest cake, Hungarian gulyás , Belarusian potato babka, English Sunday roast, Scottish haggis, neeps, and tatties, Greek salad , Italian risotto alla milanese and other Italian dishes , French fondue savoyarde or quiche lorraine. You can also order burger online from our platform and have it delivered to your doorstep

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We can offer you an incredible range of choices for your meal, lunch or dinner for you in Lagos or Abuja . Have you ever had beef or chicken fajitas? De Marquee provides you with this breath taking Mexican delicacy alongside with dishes of pasta in the purest Italian tradition. Maybe you would rather order online a Chicken Casserole or the lasagna from Red Onion. Café bon makes for you delightful chicken or tuna salads in Abuja. Chicken Republic Chicken Republic offers succulent spicy fried chicken in Lagos. Have a hot dog from Bungalow or something else. We have hundreds of dishes just for you. Order your food online on our website and our chefs will put all their expertise in making a high quality meal for you to eat at home or at the office.

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