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The Amazing World of Greek Food

You can start a fascinating journey into the world of Greek food and learn the secrets of Greek tasting food. It's hearty food and great to share with warmth, friendliness and hospitality as you would in Greece. With a meal, you can have plenty of bread and olives and wine on the table, then linger over it all with coffee and Greek treats afterwards.. Jumia Food can take away the heat of having to cook your evening meal after a long day at work, or if you fancy having group of friends around, you can order your meal and have it delivered at your doorstep, after just a couple of clicks and your food will be with you. Go on and give it a go and try something a little different.

Greek food at its best

Whilst we all know Greek food is oozing with olives and bread, there is so much more to Greek cuisine. Kotopoulo me Spanaki ke Feta, better known as Chicken with Spinach and Feta, is a superb Greek main course and extremely tasty. Garlic, lemons, olive oil, spices and herbs all make up some wonderful Greek flavours. They are fresh, colourful and give you a tantalising taste experience. Lamb dishes are a favourite in Greece often shared with families on a festive occasion. Lamb rolls in cabbage and roast garlic lamb with lemon potatoes is very popular. Greece also has a lovely selection of treats and sweets from honey cookies to halva and thiples, the choices are endless. Celebrate with food and discover the taste of Greece.