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Order Home Made Food Online from Jumia Food

There is a joy and satisfaction derived from eating meals that are prepared as home made. They have the wholesome, homely feel and deliciousness of being prepared in your own kitchen, they come personalized, just how you like them, without feeling like a batch production of everyone who walks through the restaurant door. Home Made Food can be enjoyed from not only your kitchen, or your neighbour’s pot, several restaurants are in the business of preparing special and delicious home made meals to meet customers craving and appetite. Home Made Meals are great especially when you have guests or visitors you need to entertain and feed, but you are short on time to prepare something. Especially on those Sundays where everyone, friends and family decides to pay you a visit. Order your meals and watch your order arrive just in time for you to lay the table and announce that food is ready.

Enjoy Nigerian and African Home Made Meals.

A variety of home made meals are available on restaurants on Jumia Food. Whatever your palate needs and is craving Jumia Food is sure to deliver to your fast and as ordered. Whether you want Swallows and delicious Nigerian soups, or any of the rice varieties such as coconut rice, jollof rice, rice and stew and ofada rice, catfish peppersoup, Yam Porridge, Beans, goat meat peppersoup, and several delicious dishes. Simply order online on Jumia Food and have your meals delivered to you quickly.

Order Home Made Meals for all Occasions

Whether you have visitors and plenty of mouths to feed, or you are just by yourself craving some delicious home cooked bottom pot, order online on Jumia Food and have it delivered to you in the home, or office in record time. Order now and satisfy your craving. Relish the deliciousness and bask in the satisfaction that is waiting for you when you order your home made meals from Jumia Food now.