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Nigerian food culture includes a wide category of food items, indigenous as well as influences by contact with other cultures. As a result, restaurants in Nigeria promise a treat to those looking to explore the richness of local cuisine. One of the reasons to order Nigerian food would be that restaurants specialize in many cuisine types, and offer a large menu. Meals based on rice, meat, seafood, beans, yam, and vegetables are staple in the country. Then there are restaurants that are highly focused on a particular cuisine type, and they can be trusted to deliver food prepared to your exact specifications. From classy restaurants that have earned the trust of professionals, elites, and expatriates, to casual diners that serve food in a homelike atmosphere, there are many restaurants in Nigeria offering the best in African cuisine.

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At Jumia Food, we celebrate variety. What better way to do so than through our fantastic dishes springing from the rich flavors and exotic herbs of the Nigerian menu? Our restaurants sure know a thing or two about yummy food, which is why we are working hard to introduce only the best and tastiest of their inventions onto your dinner table. Whether it’s a feel-good bowl of colorful coconut rice, spicy chili chicken, or a nourishing plate of steamed bean cakes (“Moi-Moi”) - we got your back when your tummy grumbles and the work day seems just a little too long to bear. What type of food are you looking for? Are you looking for a good time with friends and family? Then you might want to look for deals, which allow you to save money if your order exceeds a certain monetary value. You might want to preorder if you cannot wait until restaurant opening hours, to get Nigerian food delivery as soon as the restaurant opens. You might want to try vegetarian dishes, also a part of menu for Nigerian food online, and you will be surprised at the diversity on offer. Some of the dishes available when you request Nigerian food online, would be:

  • Rice and porridge at the Kakawa Restaurant in Lagos
  • Pounded yam with meat and cereals, and yam soup at the Terra Kulture, Lagos
  • Wednesday specials including coconut rice, beans, or moi moi at the Diznos, Abuja

Request Nigerian food online for Business lunches

If you want to ask for Nigerian food online for a group or business associates, the Jumia Food app will help you. Don't worry about pricing, because Jumia Food also helps you find deals and discounts, and you can check out prices on the menu before you place a request. You may even want to find restaurants by type, such as open restaurants, or those that offer catering services. For corporate customers, one of the most suitable options would be too look for eateries that offer deals to corporate customers, as this will help you arrange your request within a budget.