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Order Pasta online and have it delivered to you in no time

Feeling in the mood for some Pasta? This Italian dish has become popular all over the world and in Nigeria it is part of the staple diet. The recipes are modified to suit local tastes, and you can order a wide range of pasta dishes from restaurants, through Jumia Food. In just few clicks, you can find your preferred pasta menu on www.jumiafood.com.ng or via Jumia Food's mobile app: select your location and complete your pasta ordering in no time and then, just relax and wait for fast pasta delivery to your doorstep.

Dining light with tasty pasta

Whether you are based in Abuja, Port Harcourt, or Lagos, there are a wide range of pasta dishes for you to choose from. Some restaurants in Lagos, for example offers pasta salads cooked with chicken, ham, shrimp, or tuna. The delectable dressing, and the abundance of veggies such as cucumbers, corn, and carrots makes this a healthy and tasty dish, ideal for those days when you are craving something light, low calorie, and filling. On Jumia Food you can find restaurants offering a large pasta menu, fast pasta delivery, and the option to view and select from their pasta menu online.

Pasta for gourmet dining

Some restaurants such as the Casper & Gambini’s in Lagos offer special noodles and meat based dishes including Italian dishes on their menu. Pasta dishes include the ever popular Spaghetti Bolognaise, although you can order plain but tasty spaghetti too, if you are looking for a quick meal. Other restaurants would be serving other popular Italian cuisines, such as the Spaghetti Carbonara. Their menu might also include options such as dishes prepared with shrimps and tuna, seafood, mushroom, chicken, or minced meat. With Jumia Food it becomes easy to locate the nearest restaurant that offers convenient pasta delivery, and a large choice of foods for online ordering. You might also want to check out a range of Jumia Food’s burger places or order pizza online from Nigeria's best pizza restaurants.