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Pizza delivery made easy in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

The popular belief is that pizza has its origin from Italy, although there have been some revelations that the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians ate flat breads covered with tomato sauce and toppings in mud ovens which over the years developed to what we know today as pizza. Pizza has become very popular among people of all ages in the last decades. Because of its convenience, pizza can be adapted to virtually any local or personal taste. p>

What”s on Pizza menu?

There is always a long list to choose from the pizza menu:

  • Pizza vegetarian
  • Pizza Margarita
  • Pizza Pepperoni
  • Chicken pizza
  • Hawaiian pizza and lots more.

The most interesting part is that some of our partner pizza restaurants offer you the opportunity to make your own pizza by choosing the ingredients you want in your pizza. For example, if you like a particular vegetarian pizza but would want some chicken added to it, you can always choose your favorite combo when making your pizza order. In whatever taste you want it, it’s fast, convenient and delicious!

Order pizza in Lagos today and have it delivered to you with no hassles!

Nowadays people from all walks of life order pizza across the world. In fact, ordering Pizza online has become one of the most popular pastime activities during movie nights with friends. Jumia Food is an online platform allowing you to easily order your favorite dishes- from the comfort of your home. Gathering friends to watch football matches? Do you have a conference and thinking about what to offer your audience when everyone is getting tired? Are you staying late at work with colleagues or did you just arrive home after a long hectic day and feel too tired to cook something? An option to order pizza online puts a smile on your face and makes the decision easier.

It takes just a few clicks away from the comfort of your room or wherever you are hanging out in Lagos, visit us via smartphone or personal computer, enter your city and area, select your favorite pizza and then place your order from any of our pizza restaurants. The delivery is done just in few minutes, hot, fresh, crispy and delicious for your enjoyment. Still hungry? Check out Debonairs Pizza and have a triple-decker or a Mexican fiesta and many more different types of pizza in Lagos. We also provide you with lots of delicious options in Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Need more than a Pizza for delivery? Explore other menus via Jumia Food!

Have you ever had a meal delivered? You should! Try out the amazing cuisine from Ofada Hut, you will enjoy their tandoori prawns or chicken cooked inside of an authentic clay oven. Maybe you will prefer a curry pot? Some butter chicken masala, Mutton rogan josh? Or maybe you would like a dish that can be eaten on the go? May we recommend you to browse the selection of burgers. You will also find Chinese dishes, African food and many more. Whatever your taste may be, Jumia Food makes your meal decision easier.