Order Delicious Seafood Online in Nigeria

Jumia Food is an online platform that allows you to order Seafood online right across Nigeria. It just takes a few clicks from the comfort of your own room and then expect your food to arrive in no time at all, from all over Nigeria. Do you fancy something a little different from your normal pizza, or burgers, then why not try out some sensational seafood from a selection of restaurants across Nigeria.

Mouthwatering Seafood from the Best Restaurants

Jumia Food provides you with an endless list of the best restaurants that serve the best seafood in Nigeria. Why not try Cactus, Blueberries Cuisine & Creamery, Petit Paris, etc. via Jumia Food website or mobile app, select your choice of seafood and then just wait for it to be delivered. You won't be disappointed with the choices you have. There are other special restaurants in Abuja, Lagos and PH that have fabulous Seafood menu, with endless choices. Take advantage of our special seafood campaigns and promos and get the best treat ever on Jumia Food.

Seafood Dishes Near You

After a long stressful day and you’re wondering what to eat, Jumia Food App is just one click away. Order delicious seafood from top seafood restaurants in Lagos & Abuja. Explore amazing seafood restaurants at the best prices online along with super-fast delivery service. Jagzee Chow is another favourite, check out their prawn dishes on the menu, and what a great menu it is. Your friends will want to come to dinner again and again. Pour yourself and your friends a nice glass of wine and enjoy your meal. Jumia Food is a great and convenient way of ordering food in Nigeria - so keep clicking and browsing, you would be amazed how Jumia Food takes care of your food worries, put your feet up and wait for your delicious meals to be delivered.

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