Enjoy Vegetarian Food from Restaurants near you

Do you ever feel like all the eateries around you do not have the perfect meal for you as a vegetarian? You might feel like you are all alone because all these restaurants sell only non-vegetarian meals? Do not worry anymore, Jumia Food is here to fix all your problems. With the filtered options, you can easily find the closest restaurants that sell the exact kind of vegetarian meals you need. Enjoy your Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili, Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers from restaurants like Veggie Victory and Viceroy Restaurant. All you need to do is order on Jumia Food and have you hot and mouthwatering vegetarian dishes delivered at your earliest convenience.

Order Vegetarian Meals on Jumia Food; Easy & Swift

With Jumia Food, it is as easy as picking up your phone or opening your PC, and in a few easy steps, order delicious meals fit for a vegetarian. You can order for as much as you and your friends and even if you do not know exactly what you would like to eat, our restaurants come with a range of food selection for you, and of course if you can’t make a choice, you can order them all! So if you’re craving a veggie burger with yam chips or plantain, we’ve got you covered. If you want a vegan shawarma , order right away and get it in minutes! What are you waiting for? Start ordering now!