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Order Wine Online for Your Party in Nigeria

Buy wine online in Nigeria through Jumia Food at the best available price. Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermentation of wine grapes to create the sweet flavorful drink.

Wine types are classified based on the types of grape used, a bottle of wine labelled as Single-Varietal means that only one variety of grape has been used while Wine Blen on the other hand is a bottle of wine in which multiple single variety wines have been mixed together. Other varieties of wines are made from different fruits such as plums, apples and cranberries just to name a few.

Wine gets its variety in colour, aroma, sweetness, acidity, alcohol and tannin levels from the variations in the ageing process. The more popular wines include; Red dry wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sweet red wines like Zinfandel, White dry wine like Chardonnay and Sweet white wines like Muscat.

Wine Delivery by Jumia Food

Do you have friends coming over for an impromptu hangout and would need drinks for when you need to turn up? Don’t fret, Jumia Food has got you covered. Place an order for favorite wine and alcoholic beverages, enjoy a seamless experience when you buy wine online in Nigeria.

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